Sunday, April 5, 2009

Money - Is just as essential as oxygen .

It seems like an eternity ago,

I've got a great uncle doing business. His name is Tunku Farid.Well when i said business I mean all sort of mambo jambo business range from direct sellings, share marketings , CF, property etcx3. He's one of my idol aspiration on what my future will look like, despite being rich I don't think he tried to potrayed his richness much hehe. Since he's a businessman of course the main interest subject that we shared in common is one, money!!.

So in my younger days I've asked him.

Me : Tok Shu what is Money?

Tok Shu : You could call it the essence of life.

Me: How much money is enough?

Tok Shu: Well son, it's never enough for certain people and it's more then enough for some people. Money is essential like air. Some people breath with difficulity , some people breath normally.

Me: So is it important to have money?

Tok Shu: If you are single, it doesn`t concern you much, but if you are raising a family then yes it is important.

Me: So is it okay to be greedy?

Tok Shu: Son you must remember, God creates the world in such a way there is a pair for almost everything. One day you may be rich, one day you may be poor. At one point time you are at the point of fail and one time you are at the point of success. Do not be swayed by the fact that you are going to be rich forever. Accept any God decision that thawt upon you.

Me: ???

Tok Shu:
Never give up hope on God. For nobody can predict what will happen in the future even in a second.

Money is not the source of evil. It doesn`t talk, smell a little bit and it appear to be emotionless.


Money is not evil but it's able to reveal the evilness resides in one person. :)

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