Friday, April 10, 2009

Brunei Darussalam

So for the past few weeks, I was in Brunei Darussalam. One of the most richest country in the world with population not more then 400,000 people. The city is 5 times larger then Singapore but it's not heavily populated.

So what so special about this place? For starters, this nice looking country is some sort like Kelantan only 20 times better. The tallest building in this country are mosques. I learn from the local that you cannot build something larger then mosque itself. Upon hearing that , i realized how to true it is. Why do we build something larger then the mosque if it makes our heart further then God? Making our image good for the outside world is incomparable with the divine blessing of Him.

In any case , we stay at the Rizqun hotel which is located 4 minutes from the main town (Tak jauh pun). I got to admit it's an overwheling adventure for me since it's my first time in Borneo and living on a premiere suite floor.

It feels great since the Internet Connection is free and marvellous.

This is the infamous nasi katok in Brunei. 1 ringgit saja. Usually people buy it , tapau style only. But being a tourist from .My . Makan kat kedai jugak lagi best.
Will post more later since I'm going there back next week.

Oh for more pictures:-


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