Thursday, March 31, 2011

Travel Log: Epilogue

Soklan yang paling aku nyampah nak jawab tak kisah family or friends yg tanye

Chaah tak gi oversea lagi ke?

U guys must be really bored so let me humour u with the story of my latest trip to Cambodia..
So We have planned this particular trip for 7 days.. (Becoz we are Asian (tambahx2 lagi Malaysia so holiday is bastardly short)
What Gear should you bring?

As for me , my itenary is quite simple:

1. A Backpack sack since most people recommended Deuter ,but for the lol sake i choose Osprey. Depending on who u r (kaki shopping, or kaki sightseeing)

2. 2 helai baju 2 helai seluar and a towel sudah.. . Sampai destination baru beli
3. A map , a notebook (as in buku catitian) and a pen
4. A camera and a multi/adapter charger should do the trick .. For adapter make sure u do proper research first to check out issues like 220V versus 110 V , Pin issues blax3. If you have more the one device that needs to charge then a multipurpose charger is much more useful.. For my setup I get A 5V to USB, 1 Meter USB cable and multiple USB Head charging unit.

5. Slippers and Shoes.
6. Money --< More cash is better then credits....

And of we go!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Flag7.Img Uitm Ihack

Step on Solving..

2. Okay since i mentioned it's an image so u can examine it quickly using file

3. From here just mount all the way..

4. Examine it. and found out that ...

5. And Further investigation with strings *..

6. Decrypt it? As easy as abc. We can use openssl for that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In pursuit of Hidayah. part 1

Disclaimer: This post contains a lot of info/mind sparks under the influence of Islam. So if you have a grudge against my Islam and also God , please spare yourself from reading it :)


So I've finished teaching my students at the Imam Saud University. Organized a CTF event something like we have back then in UITM Shah Alam . Do some shoppings and blax3. In reality Saudi Arabia is like another alternate universe. There's no party goin on in the night, no bar to sooth your jazz needs and no good looking ladies where u can ushax2 in days or night

So one day , one of my friend over here Umar asked me.

Umar: Shah why don't u take a trip to Makkah and perform your Umrah.

Me: Sure, i said sure, my mum keep buzzing me to go there

Boss: U shouldn't go there just becoz your mum said so !! (Darn Sk u r so right!!)

So after that Umar asked me again:

Umar: Would u like to take a flight or a bus?

Me: What's the difference between those two?

Umar: By bus u will visited Madinah first and few other historic place. Then u will go to Makkah. But the trip gonna take like 12 hours ... By flight u only need one hour and

Truth is Bus is a lot more cheaper but not convenience especially if u are not fluent in arabic .

Me: I think i like to pay my respect to the prophet first so i took a bus.

Umar: Really? it's up to you

So I bought a ticket from A travel agency somewhere in Batha called Solihin..

Umar: Remember when u go to the bus station please looks carefully for the company logo.

Me: Yeah , i just have to board the right bus right? No problem

Day 1: Hell of a problem

When i reached the bus terminal where i should board the bus... The strangest thing is.. I couldn't find my bus. I'll try to ask around people at the bus terminal but english is as strange as greek here... So there's no point in speaking English at all !!

So i'm a bit stucked there until someone shout at me

Unknown guy: Ya MUHAMMAD? (and point to my ticket)

Me: Help?

The unknown guy grab me and bring me towards a bus that didn't have the travel agent logo at all. But yeah it's the correct bus my name is there allright.. I thank him .

Inside the bus. everyone knows I'm a foreign foreign. Yeah there's people from Pakistan , Bangladesh but the aura of "stranger in the middle of nowhere" strikes me up perfectly. So one of the Pakistan guy he didn't speak much english but he tried to anyway and I'm too eager to talk!!

MuhammadIqbal: Where u from?

Me: Malayzie (Malaysia)

MuhammadIqbal: Alone ? No friend?

Me: (Yeah I'm alone allrite). Yes alone no friend

MuhammadIqbal: Don't worry, Allah is there to help you anywhere.. he smile

His last word is touch my heart . How often I forgot that Allah is always watching us and send guidance to whom reach for Him... Masha Allah ..

Scenary at the Bus Terminal

In the bus

Along the way there's a lot of Gas Station like every 100 km perhaps... Gasoline is very important if u want to a trip across the desert.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

We pray our Magrib Prayer followed by Isya' . And this is one jamaq there is no qualms bout it ..

Day 2: Around 2 am

We arrived at the Masjib As-Sharif Al-haram An-Nabawi. In this great Masjid lies the remains of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and his two beloved Companion Saidina Abu Bakr (R.A) and also Saidina Umar (R.A). Althought the prophet has long leaves this world from us. He's presence, he's scent remain into our world until the End of Time Masha-Allah. Upon meeting the prophet i feel really ashamed of myself. How can I, a follower of the Prophet can really say 'Ya Rasullalah , I am one of your ummah" when some of my action doesn't please him. Listening to something that isn't pleasing him. Doing something that he told not to do.. But then again.. even as a bad Ummah I give my shalawat to him like we were told even when we were little kids.

A friend of mine give me an ijazah in shalawat told by one ulama Al-Marhum
habibna Abdul Qadir as-saqqaf.

‫السلام عليك من آبائنا و أمهاتنا
‫السلام عليك من ازواجنا (زوجتي)‬
(‫السلام عليك من اولادنا‬
السلام عليك من اخواننا‬


Salam atasmu dari ibu bapa kami
Salam atas mu dari Isteri-isteri kami (Kalo kawin sorang or single pandaix2 tailor kate kawan aku)
Salam atasmu dari anak-anak kami
Salam atasmu dari segala ahli Kalimah

After that I iktiqaf in the Masjid and do various things people do during Iktiqaf. Knowing that you are close the person that you should love most gives you a lot energy. That's how powerful the passion love. And what kind of lovers who ignored his love when he/she was just seperated by a grill ?

After our Subuh prayer we bid farewell to our beloved Prophet. May Allah gives everyone a chance to met him personally in this world or in the HereAfter Insha Allah

To be continued.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

U ought to be ashamed of yourself

Fuuh lame gile tak blog.. Tak tau nak merepek ape tapi kali ni aku tulis la jugak dlm idup aku. Huhu dah setahun 3 bulan aku menjejaki alam dewasa yg ntah apex2 harap aku insap cepat . Anyway...

Last week ayah aku on the way ke KL ilang wallet die... Sian IC/C.Card/Driving license semue hilang abes lesap The End....Oh back then mase aku 15 tahun, aku pun penah ilang kad bank , buku bank dan macamx2 lagi berkaitan ngan bank. Akibatnye aku kene lepuk ngan ayah aku dan ayah aku cabut Ram PC aku taruk dlm kete wira die (which skang aku drive muhahahaha).

So ayah aku call aku ckp.

"Iman, Papa hilang wallet kat Genting Sempah. "

Dlm hati aku ( so is this my chance to trash him back?) . Aku pun reply cam biase ngan orangx2 yg aku chat kat YM/Gtalk "ic".. So Ayah aku ckp. "Pinjam RM200" ..

So mase ayah aku ckp camtu, kebetulan pulak aritu masuk duit claim+allowance yg sangat hot. Yelah claim masuk maksudnye enjoy tgh bulan until akhir bulan.
So yg terbayang dlm pikiran kepala aku :

"Claim baru je masuk . baru nak enjoy di #@$#$# and beli #$#$#$ ..."

Tapi tetibe aku teringat pula zaman aku kecikx2 dulu. Garangx2 ayah aku, nak mintak beli toy ke cd game ke barang komputer aku mesti ckp

"Papa nak tu, papa nak ni"

Lalu aku pun terpkir, janganx2 time aku mintak macamx2 kat ayah aku mase kecikx2 dulu , duit claim ayah aku pun baru je masuk dan mungkin die terpkir (accuracy is not important here).

"Claim papa baru je masuk, baru nak ..... . Tapi takperlah nantix2 beli Iman nye barang dulu ").

Aku merasa sangat hina , malu + terharu. Since aku tak pernah pkir ayah aku mungkin nak spend harta die kat tempat lain yang lagi bermakna cam shares, insurance and mutual fund.) Tapi die spend on barangx2 geek aku yg (ntah aku take for granted ).

So owh aku reply laa

No Problem at all..

Love u Old Man..


Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeah new tweeter.

Infinity Kappa 10.7 tweeter.. Datang skali ngan crossover to cancel out low freq (bass ) dari kaco..

Layan After School Flac mmg best.. ngan CL and MIncy Please Don`t go

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

gile audio

"Hek eleh bro, lu dgr lagu 2ne1 pakai speaker ni je ke? Come on bro meh ikut aku ajar camane nak dgr dengan betul".

Head Unit:

Mende yg dipanggil player tu la dipanggil Head Unit... Basicly it's a player which deals with Radios/CD/DVD blax3. A good player will produce good ambience sounds.
Basic head unit support to 4 channel audio. (2 front to back) i think?
In anycase a good headunit cari yg gune power banyak like 40 or 55W /per channel . The trick is bile ko krank volume to up to 14-15 je dah bergegar dunia. While if do not one to invest on external EQ, carilah yg DSP and EQ die elok.. Cam aku pakai Pioneer je

Component Speaker:

Basicly natang ni la yg akan mengsepresskan channel2 bunyi kepada 3 (treble,mid,ngan bass) respectively via crossover channel. So that each speaker can deal with the respective frequeuncy ideally.

Active SubWoofer

Komponent paling penting untuk kasik gegar itu kereta, it amplifies the low frequency punye (atau name glamour bass). Ape beza active ngan passive subwoofeer? Active subwoofer include skali ngan amp . Oleh kerana kete aku kecik and boot kete aku mmg asyik penuh barang . So pakai MBQ 10inch Active subwoofer taruk bawah driver seat je . (MBQ is a rising brand from german ).

3-way channel speaker

Ni just some normal speaker that support 3 drives . No crossover so the sound produce by these speakers are well normal? Dipasang di belakang kereta just for the sake of having total surround enviroment.

Nanti aku postlah ghaner setup tgh malas skang

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nape aku tak minat SLR/DSLR

1. Besar sangat cam badan aku lak rase.
2. Kompleks sangat (malas nak pkir)
3. Ramai sangat (boring, ramai sangat ade).
4. Aku suke simpan movie lagi dari gambar.
5. Pimp Kete FTW