Thursday, April 16, 2009

La tahzan my version.

Owh there are times where you struck a gold by a day.
And the mines are finished on full moon.

There are times you ride with joys.
And rolling down in a hurdle of despair.

There are days
and so are nights.

Some may curse the rain,
But the trees on the road may be grateful upon it.

There's always a difference between genius and idiots.
But both fulfilling their roles in this temporary distort life.

In front you smile,
But it can also be reversed 180 degree.

Today you get a paycheck...
But tomorrow you might be sack...

I hate Microsoft.
But i need them to play my favourite Game.

And you can have many friends.
But also enemy at the same time.

So to you my friend i advise.
Whatever happen will happen.
And so is the fate of one living in this world.
Everything have it's own equal counterpart.

But no matter what part you are currently having now.
He who we must Must be Served won't change or be changed.
To Him you place your hope and guidance.
Since without Hope ? what is life?

A La Tahzan my version to cure the wounded heart during this hardtimes.


  1. alaa.. aku baru nak tulis komen cincai, dah kene sound lak.
    kalo tulis cenggini kira laras bahasa yg betol ke tak?

    aku baru pasan ko dah ada url baru. jap aku link.


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