Saturday, April 18, 2009

Idiotic Citizen in a hectic country.

With all the heats inside our country from tax haven to whatever bye-bye election in this world.
Okay some of us blame it's the evil people from evil party A,B.C.X.G dat is responsible for all this haphazard .

Well in my case i think the main problem is majority of our citizen are unethical and stupid and in most IT firm, only techies knows the real deal the rest are just bunch of ignorance.

Well having said that, actually i`m quited pissed off with these two taxi's who just drive on the paving area (where people walks on that particular lane). Trying to skip the traffic those bastards drive like crazy.

And what pissing me of is the passengers inside the cars. They should stop those badass driver instead of getting along with it. So I don`t have Death Note with me otherwise i jotted down all their names already. But thanks to my faithful companion we managed to snap a few pics of those bastards and plate numbers.

They sped off suddenly from the pavement.

Buatx2 muka tak bersalah.

With people like thse no wonder our country is screw up!!>


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