Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tweet my personality

I`m a frequent twitter guy.

Yeah so I`m stil like that. A medicore programmer who have a basic knowledge in entrepener. An Open source guy who likes using linux to serve the web. Ayam? Well it's one of my favourite source of protein.

Oh if you have twitter you can generate your own tag clouds too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lagux2 layan.

Aku kene racun ngan member aku ntuk layan lagux2 Indon antaranye ialah S12


kau gadisku yang cantik
coba lihat aku disini
disini ada aku yang cinta padamu

kau gadisku yang manis
coba lihat aku disini
disini ada aku yang sayang padamu

walau kutahu bahwa dirimu
sudah ada yang punya
namun kan kutunggu sampai kau mau

jangan jangan kau menolak cintaku
jangan jangan kau ragukan hatiku
liriksong wordpress com
ku kan selalu setia menunggu
untuk jadi pacarmu

jangan jangan kau tak kenal cintaku
jangan jangan kau hiraukan pacarmu
putuskanlah saja pacarmu
lalu bilang i love you padaku

walau kutahu bahwa dirimu
sudah ada yang punya
namun kan kutunggu sampai kau mau

back to reff

Putri Iklan

Aku yang terlelap sendiri
Terlelap sampai tak sadarkan diri
Ku lihat sang pujaan hati
Datang melangkah terus menghampiri

Namun sungguh sayang
Kau hanyalah sebuah mimpi
Terbangunkan pagi bersama matahari

Reff :
Aku bergetar di sentuh dia
Mataku terbang sampai ke langit
Tubuhnya pun indah ku pandangi
Putih mulus dan seksi

Tak jauh seperti sang bidadari
Kan ku peluk dia sampai mati
Rambutnya pun indah bagai putri
Mirip iklan di TV

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dah miskin

I overspend too much this month. Hahahahah

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Idiotic Citizen in a hectic country.

With all the heats inside our country from tax haven to whatever bye-bye election in this world.
Okay some of us blame it's the evil people from evil party A,B.C.X.G dat is responsible for all this haphazard .

Well in my case i think the main problem is majority of our citizen are unethical and stupid and in most IT firm, only techies knows the real deal the rest are just bunch of ignorance.

Well having said that, actually i`m quited pissed off with these two taxi's who just drive on the paving area (where people walks on that particular lane). Trying to skip the traffic those bastards drive like crazy.

And what pissing me of is the passengers inside the cars. They should stop those badass driver instead of getting along with it. So I don`t have Death Note with me otherwise i jotted down all their names already. But thanks to my faithful companion we managed to snap a few pics of those bastards and plate numbers.

They sped off suddenly from the pavement.

Buatx2 muka tak bersalah.

With people like thse no wonder our country is screw up!!>

Thursday, April 16, 2009

La tahzan my version.

Owh there are times where you struck a gold by a day.
And the mines are finished on full moon.

There are times you ride with joys.
And rolling down in a hurdle of despair.

There are days
and so are nights.

Some may curse the rain,
But the trees on the road may be grateful upon it.

There's always a difference between genius and idiots.
But both fulfilling their roles in this temporary distort life.

In front you smile,
But it can also be reversed 180 degree.

Today you get a paycheck...
But tomorrow you might be sack...

I hate Microsoft.
But i need them to play my favourite Game.

And you can have many friends.
But also enemy at the same time.

So to you my friend i advise.
Whatever happen will happen.
And so is the fate of one living in this world.
Everything have it's own equal counterpart.

But no matter what part you are currently having now.
He who we must Must be Served won't change or be changed.
To Him you place your hope and guidance.
Since without Hope ? what is life?

A La Tahzan my version to cure the wounded heart during this hardtimes.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hackers guide on Dressing and Dashing.

I got a little scold on how I dress these days. Usually I ignore this whole mambo dressing thing. Since I'm not a metro sexual and my job scope is geared towards "what i do" rather then "how do I look". Okay okay but when u meet your clients or anyone that is categorized as special you should make youself look proper to the outer world?

So here's a cheat sheet rules on how to dress for every events that a hacker might probably invited to.

Job Interview:

  • Bright tie especially Yellow
  • Horn-rim Glasses
  • Bright Long sleeve shirts
  • Brown Kakis.
  • Ancient sandals.
Reason: The weirder you are the higher the chances for you to get hired.

Client :

  • A suite ,
  • Rambut sikat tepi.
  • Full cover shoes.
Reason: To make your enemy underestimate you. Thus you can perform malicous task stealthly.


  • T-shirt
  • Jeans
  • Heavy-looking bag
  • Reebok Shoes.
Reason: Well bag to put all the freegift you received and people will goes woah check out this nerd.


  • Berete Hat
  • Jacket
  • Tshirt
  • Jeans
  • Pendrive
  • Penknife
Reason: You might need to go to cybercafe sometimes since you couldn`t actually lived without computer. Put all your portable application in your pendrive and encrypted. it The penknife act as a security measurement in case you've been mugged because of your dork looks.

At home:

  • Headphone
  • Anything else is optional
Reason: Think for yourself :p

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I save everyone.

A: Thank God, Ubuntu save my day
B: Fedora rocks, it's saviour.
C: You Windows user are (&*&(*&*(& , your existant is IO^@*&^@*#^*@#.
D: I'm BSD user and you linux are just as wimp as windows .
E: I compiled from source . Ada berani lawan laa.
J: Adakah anda tahu , dengan menggunakan Linux.........

Now choose your answer.

So that's a typical scenario for anyone who involves into the world of nix. (generally linux and unix). So which group are you in?

I belong to the F group where

F: I fix all your problems.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Brunei Darussalam

So for the past few weeks, I was in Brunei Darussalam. One of the most richest country in the world with population not more then 400,000 people. The city is 5 times larger then Singapore but it's not heavily populated.

So what so special about this place? For starters, this nice looking country is some sort like Kelantan only 20 times better. The tallest building in this country are mosques. I learn from the local that you cannot build something larger then mosque itself. Upon hearing that , i realized how to true it is. Why do we build something larger then the mosque if it makes our heart further then God? Making our image good for the outside world is incomparable with the divine blessing of Him.

In any case , we stay at the Rizqun hotel which is located 4 minutes from the main town (Tak jauh pun). I got to admit it's an overwheling adventure for me since it's my first time in Borneo and living on a premiere suite floor.

It feels great since the Internet Connection is free and marvellous.

This is the infamous nasi katok in Brunei. 1 ringgit saja. Usually people buy it , tapau style only. But being a tourist from .My . Makan kat kedai jugak lagi best.
Will post more later since I'm going there back next week.

Oh for more pictures:-

Monday, April 6, 2009

Full metal alchemist season 2. Ini betulx2 bukan mainx2

Ini betul-betul tarak tipu nye

64612deedbb717dd4c1d4f079221b0a8 : fingerprint md5sum die kalo korang takcaye

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Money - Is just as essential as oxygen .

It seems like an eternity ago,

I've got a great uncle doing business. His name is Tunku Farid.Well when i said business I mean all sort of mambo jambo business range from direct sellings, share marketings , CF, property etcx3. He's one of my idol aspiration on what my future will look like, despite being rich I don't think he tried to potrayed his richness much hehe. Since he's a businessman of course the main interest subject that we shared in common is one, money!!.

So in my younger days I've asked him.

Me : Tok Shu what is Money?

Tok Shu : You could call it the essence of life.

Me: How much money is enough?

Tok Shu: Well son, it's never enough for certain people and it's more then enough for some people. Money is essential like air. Some people breath with difficulity , some people breath normally.

Me: So is it important to have money?

Tok Shu: If you are single, it doesn`t concern you much, but if you are raising a family then yes it is important.

Me: So is it okay to be greedy?

Tok Shu: Son you must remember, God creates the world in such a way there is a pair for almost everything. One day you may be rich, one day you may be poor. At one point time you are at the point of fail and one time you are at the point of success. Do not be swayed by the fact that you are going to be rich forever. Accept any God decision that thawt upon you.

Me: ???

Tok Shu:
Never give up hope on God. For nobody can predict what will happen in the future even in a second.

Money is not the source of evil. It doesn`t talk, smell a little bit and it appear to be emotionless.


Money is not evil but it's able to reveal the evilness resides in one person. :)

Dunia Songsang- tilted world

I am a servant of God.
Thus upon his command I obey
Upon his forbidden i shan't do.
If I commit a sin I must accept the price.
But it's unbearable to mere mortal
What is a slave from his Master point of view?
There's nothing so i accept my role
as an unworthy slave.
To Him i serve
without questioned ,without hesitation.

Just another Muslim.


So based on twitter i was a little bit shock to see that now telah wujud satu gerakan projek untuk membela golonganx2 gay,lesbian dan pertukaran jantina di Tanah Jawi ini khasnya Malaysia. Secara umumnya aku tak delah kisah sangat tapi yang menyebabkan aku tersangat marah lagi meluat apabila muncul pula golongan yang mendakwa Islam mengiktiraf cinta sejenis. Cuma yang dilarang adalah perbuatan memasukkan zakar kedalam muzakkar yang lain. Apakah jadah haram yang cube ditembelengkan oleh golonganx2 ini?

Ketahuilah barang yang haram itu tetap haram. Sesungguhnya beruntung besar bagi mereka yang menahan diri dari perbuatan terkutuk tersebut . jika nafsu menguasai akal maka apa yang logik pada nafsu jadilah logik akal maka munculah post-post yang idealnye mengatakan bagi mereka homoseksual adalah fitrah alam. Bahkan dusta ke atas mereka dan tiada fitrah tapi Pooo Rah.

Jangan kamu (si pembaca tertipu dengan hak itu hak ini). Sesungguhnya kebebasan tanpa batasan tidak ada bezanya kamu dengan haiwan. Tapi malangnye dewasa ini haiwan pun tak bersifat begitu. ishx3.

Cara-cara nak jumpstart kereta

Few weeks ago, aku kene masalah ni . Bateri ku kong lagi akibat kecuaian empunya diri yang meninggalkan lampu kereta menyala. Adeh tulah padahnye .... Tapi it's a small matter kate diriku , kalau google sure jumpa solutionnya. Dan setelah solution dijumpai dan diaplikasi ternyata keretaku seperti kereta baru cewah.

JIka kes ini berlaku sekali lagi aku berharap aku just refer to this blog aje lantaran itu berikut adalah stepx2 yg diperlukan ntuk jumpstart kereta (ehsan google).

Alatan yang diperlukan:

1. Sepasang Jumper
2. Satu kereta yang bateri overlord .
3.Tau bukak bonet kete depan.


  1. Connect (+) bateri power kepada (+) bateri lemah. Yang positive biasanye ada cover atas die.
  2. Connect (-) bateri power ke arah kawasan sekitar engine yang berkilat dan tanpa cat. Atau anda boleh connect je ke tiang support bonet depan kete anda tersebut. Jangan sesekali connect (-) bateri power dengan (-) bateri lemah.
  3. Sekarang try start kete anda yang mati tu. Boleh start ke tak? jika boleh start biar die running sekira 30-40 minit ntuk memastikan alternator tersebut mengcas bateri kereta anda.
  4. Jika tak leh jalan gak start kete yang power tu selama 15 minit dan lepas tu try start kete yang mati tersebut.
  5. Jika keduax2 cara tersebut tidak boleh, maka bateri tersebut sudah failed atau alternator tak mau cas. takde care lain kene tow truck.
Selalunye boleh je cas tgk nasiblah kan. Moga guide ini bermanfaat kepada siapa-siapa yang mengalami nasib yang sama.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Next week : Brunei

Boss: You will be going to Brunei next week to deliver this Security Presentation.

Me: Yes sir , yes sir.

Dengan itu, minggu depan aku dipakse "terbang" ke Brunei Darussallam atas urusan kerja. Owh aku tidak sabar menunggu untuk melihat bagaimana salah satu negara terkecil di dunia tetapi mempunyai aset kemewahan dan kekayaan yang beriban hehe.

Berkenaan dengan working life, ku kira sudah hampir 5 bulan ku bertugas sebagai seorang Net.Sec Consultant di sebuah syarikat yang terunggul dalam arena so called hacking. Sep baik aku minat dan kebetulan terlajak tahu skit dalam bab ni. Dptlah jugak mencari rezeki di kala zaman kemelesetan ekonomi ini.

Kehidupan sebagai seorang student (walopun tak lame sebab kene buang) ., amat berbeza dengan kehidupan seseorang yang mempunyai karier. 1st is of course sebab kene fikir camane nak abeskan gaji dengan betul. 2nd is student kene jawab exam dan test which radically doesn`t really connected to the real world althought they claim so. (at least it's true in my case).

Soklanx3 cepu mas yang selalu ditanye:

1. Kete bile nak tukar?
2. Bile nak kawin?
3. Berape lame nak kerja kat situ?
4. Apa perancangan ko 10 tahun akan datang takkan nak hacking je?
5. Ko tak suke Pet ke? nape taknak keje ngan derang gaji kan lagi tinggi?

My answer is simple:



Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Hacker`s Diet

g33k will always attempt to do everything in a geek orderly manner.
: Link

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There's a limit to ugliness and foolishness

So, my cousin mentioned to me these two horrofic infinity challenge. I like some Big Bang songs and of course SNSD. But what happen if suddenly dunia terbalik . Here is the result:

Parody haru-haru

Parody SNSD -Gee

So wicked funny