Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Komputer Baruku, Chi Chan

Life sucks but blob is a bitch. Maka aku pun terus beli setting beli PC baru huhu. Murah gak.

Let me introduce you my new rig. Chi Chan..

It's small
It's consume less power.
It's great.

What makes Chi chan so unique is this motherboard is integrated with the Dual Core intel Atom woo. Bukan senang. Kerana cintaku kepada alam sejagat ini thus i prefer to have this type of PC since it's consume much less power. (10 W i think).

Comey kan?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Once a wotta always a wotta

My otakuish desire had long gone into sleep mode. (Well i do attend anime conference and all that, but only to that extend) Until today went suddenly the devil spoke this:


Title : Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2nd Season
Japanese Title : 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 第2期

Official Site : http://www.haruhi.tv/
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -

Genres : Comedy, Light Novel, Novel
Year Published : 2009
Release Date : -

Broadcaster : -
Studio : -
Distribution : -

A re-airing of the original Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu series with brand new episodes thrown into the mix, based on Tanigawa Nagaru's "Suzumiya Haruhi" series of novels, illustrated by Itou Noizi.
A far from ordinary school story starts here! This is a story of Suzumiya Haruhi, who upon enrollment at school announced, "I have no interest in ordinary humans. If there are any aliens, beings from the future, or super-humans, come see me. That is all!" Naturally, any normal person would think "What the...?" but Haruhi is dead serious. Things get crazy when everyone realizes just how serious she is about it all and establishes the "SOS Dan". Suzumiya Haruhi is a good-looking high school girl who has a clear head, naughty personality and very egocentric thought. She has an unimaginably tremendous power to change the world, but she is totally unaware of her own power and so she is also unaware of the effect of her power on the outside world. A delightfully strange, yet marvelously interesting story!


With that my otaku instinct click on immedietely. ARRFGGH Haruhi SAMA!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lesen to Dive

Special thanks to my instructor who wished to remain anonymous .

4 dive is damn nice.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's that Minorin !!!!!

Anyone who enjoys Suzumiya Haruhi surely knows the 3 goddess seiyu in the anime. One of em is Chihara Minori (that minorin!!!). And yeah she's coming to our country for a live perfomance at MMU University (tak mungkin skali UTP , since they prefer to reject rather then accept).

So to cut short tickets are available now just go to http://www.daiconnews.com/cm_ticketing.php for more information. I`ve already purchased the AWSM ticket (cost bout RM250) which i think it`s quite reasonable price.

Can't wait for the concert althought it`s two months from now. i`m really excited to see seiyus coming here in Malaysia. I hope i will be in the Peninsula by then . By hook by crook mesti mau pegi. haha

Countdown countdown..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Money Talks.

So yesterday i saw a lot of people twitting urging to wear blacks clothes. So now I know why. It'sf or Black Malaysive a stuff, Some sort of moaning to why democracy have failed in Perak. And so on so on, so by wearing Black they hope someone might notice and reported it to someone else.

While personally, I think everything is a joke. First black is my favourite color. Associatiing wiht political stuff makes it very hard. In any case for once I never believe in Democractic at least here in our own country. Those who have wealths, interest, ultra extraordinary desire usually have a chance to rules. Besides the Serambi Mekah MB, i doubt everyone else have no desire to taste what wealth looks like.
It's inside the nature of humankind to apprecaite, desire to have large of fortunes. So what's wrong for a peasent to have a a taste of wealth? What's wrong with a normal guy to have a taste of wealth?And what's wrong with politician to have a sense or taste of wealth?

I mean we are all human being rights? Is there any specific law saying that a politican should only have like rm2000 a month. No. So jgn la maarahx2.

Those who work hard to obtained the money (right and wrong way), must also have the desire to protect the money. Am I wrong here?.

So Money do the talking here . From opposition site, they always talk where does the rest of the money go in every infra development? But that is opposition always attack at the money site.

Go and travel all around the world and you will see that almost every infra project are overspended not just .My since money do the talking. Money do the business. It's all about the money.

Money is a good goall. In a sense if you are damn poor it would provide some sort of motivation to escalate your quo status to become rich. Of course some may go for robbery,crimes , others into hardworking labour , study etcx3..

As long as the world is ruled by one simple law "Money talks". i doubt there would be any change at all.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lobster Day

So today aku masak boiled lobster

Recipe die simple aje

1. Siang lobster tu elok2 potongla sesungutx2 yg tak patutx2 tu
2. Cincang sebijik garlic and maybe sedikit halia
3. Boiled air sehingga mendidih dahulu
4. Masukkan lobster , garlic dan halia dan benam lobster sebenamx2 nya
5. Masukkan rempah ratus (for me aku prefer cengkih , garam dan juga lada hitam).


for more pics

Collision of Interet,Protection and yeah of course Greed.

Okay let's begin I haven't had this intellectual post since monkey arrived from Space.

Assume I have a kid 10 years old called X. I want to teach X about fairness, reality and life. I want to teach him how can he survive in the stock market and dealing business. I told X if you want to eat or if you want to go to school you have to earn it yourself. So now I just left X to go and find his own work. Now X is working as a labour in a carpet factory. With the experience gained from working in a carpet factory perhaps X someday will become some sort of carpet entreprenuers have his own facebook and so onx2.

Now let's assume this really happens. From parents and teachers association point of view I must be a very cruel parents since I'm violating the society laws that state maybe something like:

- Exploiting Children
- Child abuse unfair treatment
- Lack of formal education.

Now what i did to X is not entirely incorrect . I mean it's for his own good right? X gains skill by his own hands so what's wrong with that? It's wrong since we never consider the psychological or the state of X himself.

So now let's replace X with the majoritiy race folks inside our own country. Now according to some unknown unreliable statistics that this majority folks is always lack behind in everything so there's need to be some sort of protection for these special folks. The reason is quite similliar to the first case.

But even special treatment or protection doesn`t protect you all the time. Hence that's why i believe help/special treatment should be given for everyone under a certain duration of time. Not ALL the time. Ibarat seekor rama-rama perlu keluar dari kepompongnya.

No this is not a political blog it's just my own personal opinion on why some people deserve certain rights under certain condition but not all the time.

Speaking bout kepompong ..