Thursday, May 7, 2009

Money Talks.

So yesterday i saw a lot of people twitting urging to wear blacks clothes. So now I know why. It'sf or Black Malaysive a stuff, Some sort of moaning to why democracy have failed in Perak. And so on so on, so by wearing Black they hope someone might notice and reported it to someone else.

While personally, I think everything is a joke. First black is my favourite color. Associatiing wiht political stuff makes it very hard. In any case for once I never believe in Democractic at least here in our own country. Those who have wealths, interest, ultra extraordinary desire usually have a chance to rules. Besides the Serambi Mekah MB, i doubt everyone else have no desire to taste what wealth looks like.
It's inside the nature of humankind to apprecaite, desire to have large of fortunes. So what's wrong for a peasent to have a a taste of wealth? What's wrong with a normal guy to have a taste of wealth?And what's wrong with politician to have a sense or taste of wealth?

I mean we are all human being rights? Is there any specific law saying that a politican should only have like rm2000 a month. No. So jgn la maarahx2.

Those who work hard to obtained the money (right and wrong way), must also have the desire to protect the money. Am I wrong here?.

So Money do the talking here . From opposition site, they always talk where does the rest of the money go in every infra development? But that is opposition always attack at the money site.

Go and travel all around the world and you will see that almost every infra project are overspended not just .My since money do the talking. Money do the business. It's all about the money.

Money is a good goall. In a sense if you are damn poor it would provide some sort of motivation to escalate your quo status to become rich. Of course some may go for robbery,crimes , others into hardworking labour , study etcx3..

As long as the world is ruled by one simple law "Money talks". i doubt there would be any change at all.

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