Saturday, May 2, 2009

Collision of Interet,Protection and yeah of course Greed.

Okay let's begin I haven't had this intellectual post since monkey arrived from Space.

Assume I have a kid 10 years old called X. I want to teach X about fairness, reality and life. I want to teach him how can he survive in the stock market and dealing business. I told X if you want to eat or if you want to go to school you have to earn it yourself. So now I just left X to go and find his own work. Now X is working as a labour in a carpet factory. With the experience gained from working in a carpet factory perhaps X someday will become some sort of carpet entreprenuers have his own facebook and so onx2.

Now let's assume this really happens. From parents and teachers association point of view I must be a very cruel parents since I'm violating the society laws that state maybe something like:

- Exploiting Children
- Child abuse unfair treatment
- Lack of formal education.

Now what i did to X is not entirely incorrect . I mean it's for his own good right? X gains skill by his own hands so what's wrong with that? It's wrong since we never consider the psychological or the state of X himself.

So now let's replace X with the majoritiy race folks inside our own country. Now according to some unknown unreliable statistics that this majority folks is always lack behind in everything so there's need to be some sort of protection for these special folks. The reason is quite similliar to the first case.

But even special treatment or protection doesn`t protect you all the time. Hence that's why i believe help/special treatment should be given for everyone under a certain duration of time. Not ALL the time. Ibarat seekor rama-rama perlu keluar dari kepompongnya.

No this is not a political blog it's just my own personal opinion on why some people deserve certain rights under certain condition but not all the time.

Speaking bout kepompong ..

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