Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's that Minorin !!!!!

Anyone who enjoys Suzumiya Haruhi surely knows the 3 goddess seiyu in the anime. One of em is Chihara Minori (that minorin!!!). And yeah she's coming to our country for a live perfomance at MMU University (tak mungkin skali UTP , since they prefer to reject rather then accept).

So to cut short tickets are available now just go to for more information. I`ve already purchased the AWSM ticket (cost bout RM250) which i think it`s quite reasonable price.

Can't wait for the concert althought it`s two months from now. i`m really excited to see seiyus coming here in Malaysia. I hope i will be in the Peninsula by then . By hook by crook mesti mau pegi. haha

Countdown countdown..

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