Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum,

Dear mum,

I cannot remember how many times i lied to you. And maybe in the future i would be probably do the same sin over and over again. I hope God will forgive me and perhaps you too will forgive me . Hahaha. Thank you for taking care of since I`m inside your womb. As a first son , i maybe be subjected to some experimental technique or foods. But i guess it works out well . See i`m all grown up and healthy. Thank you for cleaning my room, cooking awesome breakfast/lunch /dinner/supper/late-night-supper/emergency cooking. Thank you for everything. There is no bank that will give me a loan that can repay your kindness and goodness. Heck not even my past scholarship would be sufficent enough. However I hope you are happy with this present i give you ..

Loves ,

Mama`s boy.

Beg Guess baru

P/S: Kalo nak hadiah menantu lambat lagi buahahahaha

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