Friday, June 26, 2009

Exhausted,tired and fakap.

It's been a while since i start jotting down nonsense on my own blog. Live is extremely busy with infinite hacking task that seems to never end . I don't mind much as long as the pay is good! (Which in my opinion is good enough for a young single bachelor hehe).

Q:Why do u look so stress?

Perhaps i should give my hair a cut or new look. Initially i wanted a long hair so if I'm in a stress mode , at least i can scream and tear of my hair out of my head. However it doesn`t work as expected . It seems to me that long hair makes you quite difficult to put yourself to sleep. Nak tidor serabut banyak sangat rambut. I should get a hairband/ikat getah next time.

Q: Tenaga Pengajar yg tidak berkemahiran.

It wounded me to receive such comment from an unpathethic creature who knows nothing about the lore of security in general let alone from the holy grail geek computer point of view. As much as I desire to share my knowledge with all the ignorance in this world. It turns out being ignorant is the best way.

Q: Korang kan hackers, carilah sendiri.

Hello, is that the answer you give when dealing in a professional business? Sometimes i don`t understand why motherfuckers (whoops my bad) like this exist .

Q: Boleh tak kite abaikan saja result daripada report ni. (as in it doesn`t exist in the first place).

Truth will always prevailed no matter how much we want to cover it . Taik yg ditutup periuk baunya masih ada.. Argh, there i shout my frustration, anguish momentum.

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