Monday, March 30, 2009

Technology, is it a living being?

Lately, I've read Technium too much and already being consume by the idea that technology is alive (It doesn't breath, eat or sleep but you can feel that it consumes you).

Looking back for the past billion light years since Adam descent from Heaven , humans have been shaping the technoloy for at least 100,000 years . From Stone Age to Iron Age and now to the End of Age.

So what have we archived so far in the end consume so far by technology?

1. Killing is easy.

With proper design, we can initate attack using bomb , or biological warfare remotely without having a proper contact with the target. Phones, camera, bluetooth, IRDF , there are many methods and transport layers that is exploitable. My hypothesis on this is the faster the plane the faster people will die.

2. It's impossible to turn back time but accelerating it? yes.

In the past technology, people take their own time doing stuff or constructing something. It took at least around 15-20 years to build a pyramid and nowdays skyscrapers can be construct in a jiff thanks to the advance of technology.

3. Communist

Yes, it's communist folk . People lives under the same free "INTERNET space". Exceptional in China (since they are already communist anyway).

4. Everyone is unisex.

While it's true you need partner in sex. Makoto Kousaka from Genshiken have come out with an interesting theory. If a homo-sapien can be stimulate by using electronic visual/audio and archive the state similliary to sex? Why do we need sex? While the issue is debateable until today, this is what technology offer for today's life .

So what is your opinion on technology?

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