Thursday, March 31, 2011

Travel Log: Epilogue

Soklan yang paling aku nyampah nak jawab tak kisah family or friends yg tanye

Chaah tak gi oversea lagi ke?

U guys must be really bored so let me humour u with the story of my latest trip to Cambodia..
So We have planned this particular trip for 7 days.. (Becoz we are Asian (tambahx2 lagi Malaysia so holiday is bastardly short)
What Gear should you bring?

As for me , my itenary is quite simple:

1. A Backpack sack since most people recommended Deuter ,but for the lol sake i choose Osprey. Depending on who u r (kaki shopping, or kaki sightseeing)

2. 2 helai baju 2 helai seluar and a towel sudah.. . Sampai destination baru beli
3. A map , a notebook (as in buku catitian) and a pen
4. A camera and a multi/adapter charger should do the trick .. For adapter make sure u do proper research first to check out issues like 220V versus 110 V , Pin issues blax3. If you have more the one device that needs to charge then a multipurpose charger is much more useful.. For my setup I get A 5V to USB, 1 Meter USB cable and multiple USB Head charging unit.

5. Slippers and Shoes.
6. Money --< More cash is better then credits....

And of we go!!

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